Monday, June 5, 2017


A new Piiptsjilling studio-album is on the way! It's the group's fifth and it's called 'Fiif'. Fiif will be released on June 23rd by Peter Foolen Editions. It's already up for pre-order on Bandcamp for only 8 euro. After 23 June the price is 10 euro. You can also have a listen to the track 'Fiskersbloed'. 

‘Fiif’ doesn’t so much mark a new chapter for Piiptsjilling, but rather an organic progression of their sound. There’s a rougher edge to it then on previous albums like ‘Wurdskrieme’ (Experimedia, 2010) or ‘Moarntiids’ (Midira, 2014), and Mariska’s vocals have gained an even more important role.

The album was mastered by Lawrence English and will be released on cd and as download.
The CD is released in an edition of 300 copies and comes in a vinyl transparent sleeve containing a folded poster with an image of a painting by Mariska Baars and the lyrics in Frisian and English.