Wednesday, April 17, 2024


IT DEEL is our 4-year project. During all four editions we improvise and record new music with invited musicians, in the Thomaskerk, in the Frisian village of Katlijk. We always conclude the recording sessions with a public performance in the church.

This year the fourth and final edition of IT DEEL will take place. We retreat to the church with Joana Guerra (cello) and Maria do Mar (violin) from Portugal. We will be recording from July 4 to 5, the public performance will take place on Sunday, July 7. Tickets for that performance are available through Explore The North.

We previously made music with both Joana and Maria. For example, Joana was part of The Alvaret Ensemble during the recording of the third album Ea. Both musicians also played in the Godwits project, and are particularly active in the Portuguese improv scene. Joana has already made several solo albums, including Chão Vermelho on Miasmah Records (2020). Together with Maria she is part of the group Lantana, whose beautiful album Elemental was released in 2022.

We are really looking forward to working with Joanna and Maria and come to our concert on July 7!

IT DEEL is a 4-year project by Kleefstra Bros in collaboration with Popfabryk under the wings of the Explore The North Festival. LPs from all recording sessions are released on Moving Furniture Records.

Tuesday, April 16, 2024



Following the book BOSWERK and the exhibition of the works and poems in De Mesdag Collectie, The Hague, Omrop Fryslân made a documentary about the creation of BOSWERK. This can be viewed via the website of the public broadcaster in the Netherlands. In the documentary the makers of the book are followed, from field work to exhibition, with a loving tribute to the forest and the trees. And this in a Netherlands where trees are losing ground... The documentary features Jan Kleefstra and Christiaan Kuitwaard, and contains music by The Alvaret Ensemble.