Saturday, May 24, 2014


After publishing two new Piiptsjilling-tracks earlier this year - the free-download Bernehân and the track Stienrinner on Elements I-V -  there are now two Piiptsjilling-albums set for release. The first one will be Moarntiids, which is sceduled for June. It comes in a very limited cd-edition of only 200 pieces on Midira Records. You can already listen to the track Slykklauwers on Bandcamp.

The other album is the long awaited album Molkedrippen. This should have been the twin-release of Piiptsjilling's second album Wurdskrieme. But with Spekk Records luckless three-year break it almost seemed like the album would have never been released. Fortunately Spekk is back! And so Molkedrippen will be published. More on the date of release soon. One track was already published a while ago. It is the 'song' Mûle Fol Snie.