Sunday, August 28, 2011


Together with Heather Woods Broderick, Peter Broderick, Nils Frahm, Greg Haines and Sytze Pruiksma Piiptsjilling is artist in residence for the Into The Great Wide Open festival on the Dutch isle of Vlieland (September 2nd-4th). Check here for more information. The project, called Seeljocht, contains a cd with three tracks. This cd will be available at the festival in a limited edition of 500 copies. If there are copies left, we'll try to get a few for sale on the [r]. Meanwhile you can already listen to the tracks on Soundcloud.


Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Already announced for quite some time, but out now! Tongerswel, the first full length album by Davis|Kleefstra|Kleefstra, published by Home Normal. Tongerswel was recorded quite a while ago, when we first met as a trio in the Landscape Studio in the Netherlands. Two winter afternoons of recording, all improvisation. Six of these impro tracks ended up on Tongerswel. Sparse guitar sounds facing an almost dreamy bass clarinet, here and there spoken words. You can order Tongerswel through the Home Normal shop and through a lot of shops and distribution (check here). And off course [r] has got some copies too.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


The special gig by Kleefstra|Pruiksma|Kleefstra on August 19th in the ship 'De Lading' will be recorded and broadcasted by Zeilsteen Radio. This internet radio station will broadcast the gig almost directly after the gig around midnight. You can hear it again on August 20th en 21st at 19h. So, tune in!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


August 19th Kleefstra|Pruiksma|Kleefstra will perform live in the hold of the ship Het Schip De Lading, which is being built by the artist Marten Winters on the square of the former prison Blokhuispoort in Leeuwarden. It's a exclusive, free gig for an intimate crowd (only 35 places available per gig). It starts at 20.30h. For more information you can contact me.
The special gig in Leeuwarden forms the kick off of an indian summer and autumn of cool events. The trio will record new material with some friends in Berlin, is involved in the artist in residence project Seeljocht for the Into The Great Wide Open festival on Vlieland (the Kleefstra's with Piiptsjilling, Pruiksma with Greg Haines), will play the Approximation Festival in Düsseldorf with Greg Haines and the first album 'Deislieper' will be published by Hibernate Recordings this fall. So, if you are somewhere near Leeuwarden on the 19th, come, see and meet us at Het Schip De Lading!