Saturday, December 19, 2015


While 2014 was a year of quite a few releases, in 2015 we only published Slieperswaar with Piiptsjilling. Though, Jan published three collections of poems within a year; two Dutch collections (Melk Druppen, Raafverwantschap) and one Frisian (Sniefellen). Meanwhile we joined the Tsjinlûd collective, recorded an album with it and were part of the great artist in residence project Klanklânskippen Japan, featuring Rei Hayama, Takashi Makino, Osamu Sakamoto and Kei Shichiri (see picture). The recordings will be published next year as a book plus cd, with poetry, paintings and photography by all Tsjinlûd members. Also the movies made during the Klanklânskippen project will be released in the near future.

What more 2016 will bring? Well, we'll also release new material by Kleefstra|Bakker|Kleefstra, we'll be performing now and then with Kleefstra|Bakker|Kleefstra and Tsjinlûd and hope to record more new stuff, for instance with Piiptsjilling. We also hope to be involved in another 'Klanklânskippen artist in residence project' again. So, mainly new releases, gigs, projects and probably more to come... Keep an eye on the blog or Romke's facebook.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Kleefstra|Bakker|Kleefstra is doing four gigs this month. We start off on December 10th in Studio Loos in The Hague as part of an Ephémère evening. Next day we're in Sittard, where we play the pop stage VOLT, accompanying the great trio Dikeman/Noble/Serries. On the 12th we're in Amsterdam, where we are sharing the stage with Glice in the very nice venue De Ruimte. Last but not least we'll be playing De Vrijplaats in Leiden, together with Machinefabriek.

10-12-15: Den Haag (NL) - Studio Loos
11-12-15: Sittard (NL) - Poppodium Volt
12-12-15: Amsterdam (NL) - De Ruimte
19-12-15: Leiden (NL) - Vrijplaats

Interested in new work by Kleefstra|Bakker|Kleefstra? We released one new track just recently on the anniversary compilation of AmbientBlog. That new track, called Widzjende Treast. A new album is set for next Spring.