Wednesday, July 10, 2013


DUIF is a documentary film by Dinanda Luttikhedde with music and poetry by the Kleefstra Bros and Mike Kramer. It will be performed as a visual concept on location, about a pigeon fancier awaiting the return of his favourite bird. Will it return?

A performance about longing, loneliness, text tv, tobacco and the usefulness of a neon lamp. The images of Dinanda Luttikhedde and the live music and poetry conveyed by sound artists Mike Kramer and Romke Kleefstra and poet Jan Kleefstra tell the story of the relationship between a human being and an animal.

DUIF (Dutch for dove) will be performed at three Dutch festivals in the coming months: Noorderzon in Groningen (August 17th-19th), Cultura Nova (August 24th-25th) in Heerlen and Explore The North in Leeuwarden (November 23rd). The group of musicians is thereby extended with local musicians from brass- and drumbands. Come, see, listen!