Wednesday, January 2, 2019


A new year, new projects. Music wise there are new releases coming up. We hope it wont take long before the third Alvaret Ensemble will be released. Then there is the renewed collaboration between Romke Kleefstra and Anne-Chris Bakker under the moniker of 'Transtilla'. Transtilla's first album comes out just before spring on Opa Loka Records. And there might be some other Romke-collab in 2019 too...

As for the writing, a new collection of Dutch poems by Jan Kleefstra is coming up soon. It is called 'Windtoon' and will be published again by Uitgeverij Aspekt. Then there is Jan's collaboration with painter Christiaan Kuitwaard, which will lead to a book and an exhibition in 2019.

That's not all, more later. Hopefully FEAN (see picture) will perform live here and there. And off course there's this new free download on our bandcamp named 'It Goeshoes'.