Monday, February 5, 2018


Early April Piiptsjilling will be involved in an artist-in-residence project, together with the Belgian musicians Sylvain Chauveau, Annelies Monseré and Joachim Badenhorst. Theme of the project is peat (fean in Frisian) and mainly how peat soil is rapidly dissapearing under influance of the expanding, intensive agriculture. The deep draining of the soil makes the peat oxidate with an enourmous carbon dioxide emission as a result. Apart from that the sinking of the soil cuses damage to houses, dikes and the landscape. It is a big (ignored) problem in the Netherlands and in the region the Kleefstra brothers are living, it is also a problem in several European countries.

The content of this is the underlying motive that encourages the musicians to express themselves through music and poetry. The project wants to show that artists are involved in what is going on and how they translate this into art.

April 4th and 5th Piiptsjilling and the other artists come together in a small chuch in the north of the Netherlands, where both an artistic and theme-related exchange takes place resulting in a recording session. On the 5th an exclusive work-in-progress session will take place which you can visit and meet up with the whole bunch. The recordings will be used for a release in fall.