Sunday, January 8, 2017


Piiptsjilling rarely plays live, but when it does... December 3rd Piiptsjilling opened Matthias König's exhibition 'A road trip through Fr¥$lâN-N-N...n in one month' in the city of The Hague. We recorded the gig and thought it was such a nice recording that we also decided to publish it. It's called 'Kjeld' (Frisian for cold, because it was pretty cold in the venue) and it comes as a very, very limited self-released 3" CDr-thingy, just like Slieperswaar. Only 50 hand numbered copies!

You can order (and download) Kjeld over at our Bandcamp! Later this year there's more Piiptsjilling coming up. Prepare for the group's fifth studio-album, which will come as a very nicely designed special issue.