Saturday, January 23, 2016


Tsjinlûd is doing two special performances in its home province of Friesland. The collective will join the Portuguese poets Raquel Lima and Nuno Garcia, supported by Joana Guerra on cello. An encounter of languages, a collaboration in sound.

29-01-16: Workum (NL) - De Klameare
31-01-16: Leeuwarden (NL) - Tresoar

Tsjinlûd met the Portuguese during a trip by 'King Of The Meadows' to Portugal, when Jan Kleefstra got in contact with Portuguese poets and joined them on the Portugal Slam Festival. There is common concern about the loss of cultural diversity as a result of the decline of biodiversity especially in the heavily used agricultural landscape of Europe. With that the three Portuguese are now part of the journey that King Of The Meadows is making to 2018, when the city of Leeuwarden is cultural capital of Europe.

Raquel, Nuno (both on the picture above) and Joana were asked to come to Friesland. Late January they'll visit Leeuwarden. Besides the performances with Tsjinlûd they'll cross the Frisian landscape to get the feel of the King Of The Meadows project. Such an exchange should lead to a better mutual understanding of the problems of nature and landscape in both countries and to a collaboration in which landscape and the loss of cultural diversity is central.