Thursday, March 13, 2014


Almost two years ago The Alvaret Ensemble was asked to do an artist-in-residence project for the Dutch festival Oerol. The group invited the four Icelandic musicians Kira Kira, Ingi Erlendsson, Eiki Olaffson and Borgar Magnasson, and the Dutch video collective 33 1/3 to participate in the project, which was named 'Skeylja'. Nine evenings in a row the musicians improvised on stage and all of it was recorded. It took quite a while to select music out of 12 hours of recordings, make an album out of it, mix and master it. But now it's there and it's up for pre-order at Denovali's. Go here for listening, go here for ordering (ultraclear) vinyl and cd or go here to download the album. The album will be released on March 21st. Skeylja!