Sunday, April 14, 2013


In 2011 the Kleefstra Bros released the ep Sieleslyk and the album Tongerswel with Gareth Davis. The trio played some gigs in England, The Netherlands and Poland. There's a concert here, a concert there and also a radio session. The three are going to hit the stage again on April 19th including Leo Fabriek on drums, supporting the best Dutch band ever: The Ex.

Gareth and Leo play together in Mere and perform frequently as the Mere Duo. They made a great record on Gizeh Records. Check the stream below. With the combination of the Mere Duo and the Kleefstra Bros the four play together for the first time ever. Curious what this impro quartet will bring... A jazzy, bit louder, gristly ambient jam, intense and dark? Who knows... Might be tasty!
The Ex / Mere Duo-Kleefstra Bros - Podium Asteriks, Leeuwarden - April 19th, 20:00 h

MERE - II by Gizeh