Saturday, March 3, 2012


Kleefstra|Pruiksma|Kleefstra (KPK) will be playing the Willibrordus Chrurch in the small town of Holwerd, on the Wadden Sea coast, during the Atelierroute Lauwersland, on Sunday the 11th of March (16:00 h). A special gig, because the trio has some announcements to make.

First of all KPK presents Deislieper, because since the release of the cd the trio never played its homeland. But there's more. KPK will form a new ensemble with a great piano player. This new ensemble will leave for Iceland, to be joined by some Icelandic musicians, and to make and record new music for a special festival in The Netherlands. This will all be filmed and it will be performed live on the fest at a later date.

The new ensemble also made some exciting recordings last summer at the Grunewald Church in Berlin, with several friends. The first album with a part of these recordings will be released in fall. But before this is all going to happen, KPK will first release an album (as a quartet) in spring, that was recorded the day after Deislieper was recorded. More about it soon and on March 11th, when KPK is presenting all this and more. Come round, you're welcome!