Tuesday, December 6, 2011


The last weekend of November was great. Seeljocht on two exciting Dutch festivals, both times in packed church-buildings with lovely crowds.Greg Haines performing 'You Know How' with Piiptsjilling's Mariska Baars, Sytze Pruiksma and Peter Broderick. Piiptsjilling playing nice dark impro's and Nils Frahm turning his piece into human beat box with Peter Broderick. Nice reviews, the finest you can find on Fluid Radio, VPRO 3voor12 and KindaMuzik (both last ones are in Dutch).

The video above was made by Knynk, while we were setting up the stage on the Explore The North festival. There will be more footage, because the video-guys of 33one3rd will produce a kind of 'making of' with loads of material they shot during the residency on the isle of Vlieland and on all the three Dutch festivals Seeljocht was performed (Into The Great Wide Open, Explore The North, Le Guess Who).

For those interested in the Seeljocht cd, it is available again through this blog. It's € 12,- incl. worldwide postage. Mail me for an order. For those living in The Netherlands, you can also get the cd at the record stores Plato and King Kong.

Soon more news on some of the plans for the near future... 2012 that is, isn't it?