Tuesday, September 6, 2011


On [r] already a lot about the Seeljocht-project was written and introduced, like the lovely teasers one, two and three by 33one3rd, featuring Greg Haines and Piiptsjilling. Seeljocht live, at the Into The Great Wide Open festival, was a fine trip, a very fine trip. On Friday the 2nd of September we presented the three Seeljocht pieces live on the lovely stage in the woods. The place was pretty packed with about 700 people, listening and watching Seeljocht in silence. On Flickr some pictures of the show give you a good impression. KindaMuzik, Kicking The Habit and especially VPRO’s 3voor12 wrote some nice words about Seeljocht live.

On Saturday the 3rd there was a special Seeljocht session for VPRO’s 3voor12, streamed on the internet. Peter Broderick, Sytze Pruiksma and Jan Kleefstra did a great acoustic impro (watch it!).

On Sunday the 4th Seeljocht reached its climax in the old (and packed) church of Vlieland with a kind of live residency. Peter Broderick opened the afternoon with an acoustic piano song, Sytze Pruiksma joined him and continued solo with an impro, followed up by a fine piece of Nils Frahm with a combination of piano and synth. Piiptsjilling then took over with a haunting piece. Greg Haines joined the band and continued with a fine piano piece. Heather Broderick finished the performance with a thrilling version of her song Wounded Bird. The crowd gave all residents a standing ovation, which led to an encore with all residents. What an afternoon!

Again VPRO’s 3voor12 wrote a lovely review of Seeljocht in the church and on Flickr there are some nice pics of the afternoon. Also FileUnder was pretty praiseful about the church happening. There are also interviews about the project on YouTube and Soundcloud. Note that all of this is mainly in Dutch.

Then last but not least, [r] has got the Seeljocht cd for sale for only € 12, incl. world wide postage. Just send a message for order.

[on the picture from left to right: Jan Kleefstra, Romke Kleefstra, Greg Haines, Nils Frahm, Heather Broderick, Peter Broderick, Mariska Baars, Rutger Zuydervelt and Sytze Pruiksma thanking the audience after the live residencyin the church; picture by Jorg, FileUnder.nl]