Saturday, July 23, 2011


Meanwhile... all participants in the artist in residence project Seeljocht for the Into The Great Wide Open festival are working together on making it a great piece of work. All three music pieces by Piiptsjilling, Greg Haines and Heather Broderick/Nils Frahm are finished. These three pieces make an awesome release, which is available in a limited edition at the fest. If there are copies left after the festival, [r] will let you know.

Piiptsjilling's Rutger made a sound postcard Greetings from Seeljocht for Headphone Commute not so long ago with some field and studio recordings he made during the residency week on the isle of Vlieland. Better listen to that one. The video guys of 33one3rd made another Seeljocht teaser (see video) and are working on all the images to fit the music pieces for the performances on stage.

Seeljocht will be performed live on a very fine stage in the woods of Vlieland on the Friday evening of the festival. We will also do a kind of live residency in the old church of Vlieland on the Sunday. More about that later. Stay tuned!