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Artist: Piiptsjilling
Title: Piiptsjilling
Format: CD
Label: Onomatopee
Released in May 2008
Available: Bandcamp | Boomkat | Norman | Onomatopee

Artist: Kleefstra|Bakker|Kleefstra
Format: CD-r
Label: Apollolaan Recordings
Released in March 2009
Available: sold out...
Available: Bandcamp

Label: Experimedia

Artists: Kleefstra|Bakker|Kleefstra / Machinefabriek / Liondialer
Title: That It Stays Winter Forever
Format: CD
Label: White Box Recordings
Artists: Peter Broderick / Machinefabriek / Kleefstra|Bakker|Kleefstra / Nils Frahm
Title: Mort Aux Vaches
Format: CD
Label: Staalplaat
Released in February 2011
Available: BoomkatCargo Records | MetamkineNorman Records
P*dis | Piccadilly Records | Rough Trade | Staalplaat | White Noise

Artists: Gareth Davis / Jan Kleefstra / Romke Kleefstra
Title: Sieleslyk
Format: 3" CD / MP3
Label: Rural Colours
Released in April 2011
Available: sold out...
Free download: 

Artists: Gareth Davis / Jan Kleefstra / Romke Kleefstra
Title: Tongerswel
Format: CD
Label: Home Normal
Released in September 2011
Available: Bandcamp | Boomkat | Clone | Darla Records | Home Normal
King Kong Records | Norman Records | P*dis | Tower Records | [r]

Artists: Greg Haines w. Mariska Baars & Sytze Pruiksma / Piiptsjilling /
Heather Broderick & Nils Frahm
Title: Seeljocht
Format: CD
Label: Into The Great Wide Open Festival
Released in September 2011
Available at Bandcamp

Artists: Kleefstra|Pruiksma|Kleefstra
Title: Deislieper
Format: CD
Label: Hibernate Recordings
Released in November 2011
Available at Bandcamp | BK1 | Boomkat | Doppelganger Records | Experimedia
Hibernate Recordings  | HMV Online | King Kong Records
Norman Records | P*dis | Stashed Goods | Tower Records | [r]

Artists: Kleefstra|Bakker|Kleefstra
Title: Griis
Format: LP
Label: Low Point
Released in March 2012
Available at Norman Records

Artists: Kleefstra|Bakker|Kleefstra
Title: Nacht en Dei
Format: digital
Released in March 2012
Available on Bandcamp

Artists: Kleefstra|Pruiksma|Kuitwaard|Kleefstra
Title: Sinneplakken
Format: double 3" CD in a deluxe box,
also as a 5" CD in a picture sleeve
Label: Time Released Sound
Released in June 2012
Available at: Bandcamp | Discogs | Norman Records | Stashed Goods | Time Released Sound

Artists: Kleefstra|Bakker|Kleefstra
Title: Live March 2012
Format: cassette
Label: Northern Twilights
Released in June 2012
Available at: Bandcamp | Northern Twilights

Artist: The Alvaret Ensemble
Title: The Alvaret Ensemble
Format: 2LP, 2CD, download
Label: Denovali Records
Released in December 2012
Available at: Abella | All Music | Amazon | ANOST | | Cargo Records | CD v Podarok | CD Universe | Denovali Records | Douban | Finest Vinyl | Free Record Shop | goHasting | HMV | Imusic | Insound | JPC | Juno Records | King Kong Records | Lotus Record Shop | Marast Music | Music Line | Norman Records | P*dis | Proxis | Resident | Rhythm Online | Rough Trade | Season Of Mist | Sonic Rendezvous | Unilibro | Velvet Music | Weltbild | World Of Music | WOW HD | [r]

Artist: CMKK
Title: GAU
Format: CD
Label: Monotype Records
Released in September 2013

Artist: Sabine Bürger & Kleefstra|Bakker|Kleefstra
Title: Sinne op 'e Wangen
Format: DVD
Released by Galerie Vayhinger, Radolfzell
Released on February 15th, 2014
Available at: Bandcamp

Artist: The Alvaret Ensemble, Kira Kira,
Eirikur Ólafsson, Ingi Erlendsson, Borgar Magnasson
Title: Skeylja
Format: LP/CD/download
Released by Denovali Records
Released on March 21st, 2014
Available at: Amazon | A Number Of Small Things | Bandcamp | Boomkat | Cargo Records | CDandLP | Clear Spot | Denovali | Discorder | HMV | Insound | iTunes | Kroese | Norman Records | Rough Trade | Traumbaum

Artist: Piiptsjilling
Title: Molkedrippen
Format: CD/download
Released by Spekk Records
Released on July 6th, 2014
Available at: Amazon | Bandcamp | Boomkat | CeDe | Darla Records | Disk Union | Experimedia | HMV | Juno Download | Linus Records | Nature Bliss | Norman Records | P*dis | Tower Records


Artist: Piiptsjilling
Title: Moarntiids
Format: CD/download
Released by Midira Redcords
Released on July 7th, 2014
Available at: Bandcamp | Midira Records

Artists: Dinanda Luttikhedde (film) + Mike Kramer, Jan Kleefstra & Romke Kleefstra
Title: DUIF
Format: DVD
Released by KingAnimal
Released in March 2015
Available at Dinanda Luttikhedde & Kleefstra Bros

 Artist: Piiptsjilling
Title: Slieperswaar
Format: 3" CDr/download
Released by Piiptsjilling
Released on June 3rd, 2015
Available at: Bandcamp | Midira

Artist: Kleefstra|Bakker|Kleefstra
Title: Dage
Format: cassette/download
Released by Low Point
Released on November 24th, 2016
Available at: Bandcamp | Boomkat | Low Point | Norman Records

Artist: Tsjinlûd
Title: Tsjinlûd
Format: book + cd/download
Released by Tsjinlûd
Released November 26th, 2016
Available at: Bandcamp

Title: Desimber
Format: cassette/download
Released by Tombed Visions
Released on December 1st, 2016
Available at: Tombed Visions

Artist: Piiptsjilling
Format: 3" CDr/download
Released by Piiptsjilling
Released on January 5th, 2017
Available at: Bandcamp

Artist: Kleefstra|Bakker|Kleefstra
Title: Dize
Format: CD/download
Released by Midira Records
 Released on Februari 17th 2017
Available at: Midira Records 

Artist: Piiptsjilling
Title: Fiif
Format: CD/download
Released by Peter Foolen Editions
Released on June 23rd 2017
Available at: Amazon | Norman Records | Peter Foolen Editions

Artist: Ljerke
Title: Ljerke
Format: CD + DVD
Released by Eilean Rec.
Released on January 8th 2018
Available at Eilean Rec.

Artist: Fean (w/ Piiptsjilling)
Title: Fean
Format: CD
Released by Moving Furniture
Released on November 23rd 2018
Available at Boomkat | Clearspot | Juno | Moving Furniture | Norman Records | Shiny Beast 

Artist: Kleefstra Bros
Title: It Goeshoes
Format: free download
Self release, December 2018
Available on Bandcamp

Artist: Transtilla
Title: Transtilla I
Format: CD
Released by Opa Loka Records
Released on March 1st, 2019
Available at Opa Loka Records

Artist: Transtilla
Title: Transtilla II
Format: CD
Released by Midira Records
Released on December 13th, 2019
Available at Midira Records | Transtilla

Artist: The Alvaret Ensemble
Title: Ea
Format: 2LP, CD, download
Released by Laaps Records
Released on January 20th, 2020
Available at ANOST | Boomkat | Juno Records |Kleefstra Bros | Linus Records | Laaps Records

Artist: Fean (w/ Piiptsjilling)
Title: II
Format: LP, CD, download
Released by Laaps Records
Released on March 17th, 2020
Available at Laaps Records

Artist: Jacaszek, Romke Kleefstra, Jan Kleefstra
Title: IT DEEL I
Format: LP, download
Released by Moving Furniture Records
Released on September 30, 2022
Available at Moving Furniture Records