Friday, April 3, 2020


Godwits is a Portuguese-Frisian collection of poems by Raquel Lima, Nuno Piteira, Elmar Kuiper and Jan Kleefstra. The first seed for this special collection was sown during Jan Kleefstra's first visit to Lisbon with the 'King of the Meadows project'. The initial idea of that project was to travel down European locations, where black-tailed godwits from the Netherlands stage during migration to Africa, with musicians, poets, film artists, you name it. All under the guise of Leeuwarden as Cultural Capital in 2018, but it never happened.

Still, Jan managed to get this international co-operation of poets going. The Portuguese poets came to the Netherlands and did some gigs with Tsjinlûd, featuring Joana Guerra on cello, that became a permanent member of The Alvaret Ensemble after that. Meanwhile Jan Kleefstra and Elmar Kuiper performed at the Potuguese Poetry Slam. Now Godwits is published, designed by Rutger Zuydervelt (Machinefabriek, Piiptsjilling), edited by Teake Oppewal. Godwits is available through all four poets involved and on out Kleefstra Bros Bandcamp page.