Sunday, March 5, 2023


The 45 works Jan Kleefstra wrote during Henry Mentink's walking tour with a wheelbarrow full of earth, from the Netherlands to UNESCO in Paris, with the request to put the Earth on the World Heritage List, appears in book form. The works are written in Dutch, the book is called 'Een kruitocht over Aarde', it was designed by Rutger Zuyderveldt and it is published by The Optimist.

Saturday, February 4, 2023


If it had not been for Rutger Zuyderveldt aka Machinefabriek to suggest to record some new music together in 2008, the Kleefstra Bros probably wouldn't have made all the records and done all the projects and shows they did since then. And there's a lot the Kleefstra Bros did togeter with Rutger, such as Piiptsjilling, CMKK and FEAN, not to mention Kleefstra-related albums Rutger mixed and edited, such as Ljerke, Tsjinlûd and the new, upcoming IT DEEL II-album. Meanwhile Romke contributed to Rutger's projects 'Take A Closer Listen' (2009) and 'Stay Tuned' (2014). Now Romke contributed to Machinefabriek's newest album '+', among 51 other collaborators, all contributing with a one minute recording. Surprisingly Romke did not come up with one minute of guitar rambling, but with a field recording, made during his field work in the spring of 2022. You can check the album and buy your physical copy on Machinefabriek's Bandcamp. Great stuff!